VIU Perfect App to Watch Korean Drama (with SUB ENG, SUB INDO etc)

viu app to watch korean drama

Viu – Korean Dramas, TV Shows, Movies & more



Description for  VIU

For those of you who love Korean dramas or who like watching movies, you must know the viu application! Viu is an over-the-top (OTT) and video-on-demand (VOD) service made on Dynamic Adaptive Transcoding Technology technology, which has been patented by Vuclip. Viu is very very useful for you crazy Korean and crazy Indians. Because, Viu provides content with Korean TV titles in it.

You can install this application by downloading the link above or downloading it directly on PlayStore.

After installation, we can register ourselves as a user in the upper right corner of the bar, in the settings. two options in user registration, can be via e-mail or facebook, which later Viu will give the option automatically, so we just have to click.

After logging in, we get a trial period for the first 30 days FREE. So we can stream and download drama / movie free whenever and wherever as long as we are still connected with Wifi. cool right … (edited: in the settings, we can choose to download via wifi or not). And streaming or downloading still uses our internet package quota.

After logging in, you can watch whatever content you want, there are a variety of the best content in films and television series from Korea, India and Taiwan. The content in Viu has now reached fifteen thousand broadcast hours for these three categories. In addition, Viu also presents local Indonesian television serial content.

You can search for the desired content on the search button, or choose the genre of the movie in the category button, and for sure you can also download a few episodes which will automatically be saved in our Viu account.

The advantages of the viu application:
  • The best abundance of content in Asia such as The Royal Gambler, The Flower in Prison, Another Miss
  • Oh, Descendants of the Sun, etc., both from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Bollywood.
  • Soap operas and Indonesian widescreen films from MD Studio and MVP Entertainment
  • The latest Korean series from the four largest studios in Korea such as KBS, CJ, SBS, and MBC with subtitles in Indonesian after being broadcast live in Korea.
  • You can watch it offline anywhere and anytime without the need for an internet connection.
  • Finally, there are free and paid options.
Lack of viu applications:
  • The internet network must be very strong so that the image quality is good
  • Requires a lot of internet quota
  • The Indonesian film has not been updated


Download VIU form PLAY STORE


How to install viu with this link

  1. Download VIU Link Above
  2. Go to ke Setting / Security / Checklist Unknown Source
  3. Instal VIU That You Have Downloaded  Until Done
  4. Enjoy The App


The screenshots of VIU

viu app to watch korean drama 1 viu app to watch korean drama 1 viu app to watch korean drama 1 viu app to watch korean drama 1 viu app to watch korean drama 1 viu app to watch korean drama 1

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