Toon Blast Unlimited Money Cheat & Tips

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Toon Blast is a challenging color matching puzzle game. Players will find different obstacles at each level.
This game looks easy at the beginning, but the more level up, the more difficult the level faced. Well, there are some things to note when playing Toon Blast. Here are tips and tricks to play Toon Blast.


Top Cheat to Win Toon Blast :

Use booster as necessary
Do not use booster (like hammer, rocket, boxing glove, and others) you have if you really need. You’ll find an increasingly difficult level in the future, so try to use a booster when you’re really pressed to use it.

Get a booster
You can get a booster for free by equating blocks of five or more of the same color. This booster really helps you to finish the level, especially the disco ball booster, if you combine two disco ball, then all the blocks will be destroyed.

Join the team
Join the team to chat with other players, and you can also ask for help from other players to donate lives.

Connecting games to Facebook
Connecting Toon Blast to Facebook can give you some coins, and you can store your game data on Facebook.

Get a star to open the crate
You need a star to get a coin containing coins, lives, and boosters. Here you need 20 stars to open the chest. This star you can get if you can finish the level well.

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