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Choose a useful quality
There are many different features to give your handsome, but some of them can be useful for fish and their friends and family. If you are trying to make a decision, there are some that are more useful for your emotional wellbeing:

On – Sim will be activated repeatedly and can even help pump other Sim. Helps you build your fitness skills faster too.
Convincing yourself – SIM will have more confidence and will benefit from this in a number of ways, especially in career advancement.
Ambition – if you’re not going to use a swindle of instant money, you make more money in a traditional (and realistic) way by getting a job. Sims Sims has some impressive campaigns for job promotion and will help you get a better job and more money faster.
Romantic – As in real life, WooHoo benefits with family members who are extraordinary. So why not make it romantic and easy to reach the fourth rule a bit faster?

Take advantage of your Sims mood
In The Sims 4, Sims will always feel the passion for her, be it happy, happy, sad or otherwise. Doing business can change your Sims mood. For example, you can improve yourself in the mirror of the handsome emotions of Atntor, which can be just the boost you need to get this promotion.


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