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The Catapult app is a game that simulates the user as a regulator of the catapult that is in this game so you guys will lead the catapult that the user has towards catapult from the user’s opponent so the user will throw the rock towards the right of the targeted user. But here is difficult is the user must really direct the right angle to the opponent because there is no shooting where the stone is directed

Top Cheat to Win The Catapult

How to Use The Catapult Application
How to use quite easily after the user download this application then the user will directly enter into this application without having to login to google play users first after that the user will enter into the game. the user here is not much choice of features so users live click the play button then user select user will play with 1 player what two player. then after selecting user can update from catapult user in feature shop yes. if not yes just play it. how to stay in the swipe only in accordance with the distance from the opponent who the opponent user. if tips and tricknya users will explain below

Feature – FItur Available On The Catapult Application
features – a feature here is a menu that can be clicked by users to assist users in using or using this game application. The features contained in this app are not too many but yes we will explain below yes

Player1 and 2 Features The Catapult Application
The player feature here is pointless to see how to play in this game whether to play with the computer or want to play with a user friend. So if that one player user will play with the computer if the two players it will play with the user friend.

Features of The Catapult Application Shop
Shop feature is useful for users to purchase coins in this application by using original money that users have so users have to buy first coins that are provided to upgrade from catapult that users play in the application. and here also users can make no ads when playing. and here can also buy heads to protect the heads of the user’s catapult shooters

According to Author’s Opinion About The Catapult Application
For writers this application is a pretty good application for users who like games that simpeltapi nice graphics. Because this game is a game that can be played continuously without any obstacles, and also the game is also quite challenging to play and if again bored can ngeregetan play this game.

Tips and Tricks of The Catapult Application
The tips are to continue playing for mengaprade catapult in this game in this app and buy coins to upgrade catapultnya also in this game. The trick is like you said before you have to upgrade catapult if you have lots of coins. If at the time of playing the tips is you must continue and continue to throw from the existing catapult stone because the stone is unlimited so it can be hit from the opponent that users attack here so the user can beat the enemy quickly and easily and do not forget to hit the bird to get a lot coin

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