TEKKEN Android and iOS Latest Apk

TEKKEN Android and iOS Latest Apk


Tekken Mobile has many game modes. Story mode, live events, DOJO, it was reported that the local multi-player in Tekken mobile will be coming soon. At the beginning of the game, story mode is canceled, featuring three worlds / businesses, simple beginnings, puzzle pieces, and confrontations. Start a simple start and complete many difficult classes. In DOJO mode, you can choose a challenge, attack or defend. You must win the maximum round to complete a challenge, for example, select an attack, select a fighter, choose a challenge, and start a fight. Solve challenges, earn rewards and funds.

Increase fighters 
One very important thing you should do is upgrade your fighters using the various stones you collect during battle. In this way, your fighter will increase and increase your chances of winning.

But be aware of the scarcity of fighters: the lesser the fighters, the better. So it makes sense to focus on improving the best level because you will use it more than others.

How to Set Expert Points
There are three different categories where you can assign skill points, each with three different options. Their choice is certainly difficult, but I think it’s better to focus in the long run to increase the damage they face. The increase is very small, and I do not think they will make a real difference … but the ability to cause more damage to the taps always looks good.

If you really want to customize your hero, you can do it too: You have some that most of you will use in story mode – so, invest in the skills associated with it. As a long-term strategy for free operation for players, I do not think this is a very good strategy because you will not be able to open a lot of fighters … but this is definitely an option!

How to open more fighters
There are not many ways to launch a new fighter, and the most common way is to grind through game modes and collect cards to unlock them.

Watch special events, as this is the most likely way to get good long-term combat offers.

Dojo Vault is another place where you can get some Shards from opening the box that comes from winning the battle. This is why it is very useful and very important to buy a third slot with 100 gems as soon as possible: It allows you to work open three boxes at once, making it easier for you to get more characters.

At Dojo, your level is also important – the better, the better. So be sure to upgrade your hero to get the best gift.

Finally, you can unlock more characters or get character characters by completing Story mode, so make sure you fight too much.

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