Survivor Royale Unlimited Money Cheat & Tips

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NetEase Games recently launched a collection of Battle Royale games, and Survivor Royale is one of the most popular games to date. We are here to help make this experience more fun by sharing some Cheats and Survival Royale tips in a complete guide for beginners to help you stay longer and become another standing man.
Survivor Royale puts you in front of up to 100 players in an ever-shrinking world, with one goal: being the last victim after surpassing and surpassing everyone. If you see the game Hunger Games or Battlegrounds Playernnknown, you already know what this game.

Top Cheat to Win Survivor Royale :

Make sure there are no delays
Bad internet connection and high performance can negatively impact your game. So, try reducing potential delays and connections by reducing graphics quality and running only on WiFi and choosing the right server – closest to your site.

Be the first to hit the ground
It’s important to be the first player in the group to live, because it gives you the opportunity to collect some weapons before others and give them a warm welcome filled with bullets when they land.
This does not mean you have to jump off the plane as soon as possible. Wait until you get some buildings, because the place where the booty is located (you can use the mini map to see where you are).
Also, note the numbers and see how many players have jumped: If the numbers are down, that means someone jumps. Try to jump at least a few seconds after another player to get a certain distance.
Once you get off the plane, you have to use the controls to turn your character into a vertical position to reach the ground as fast as possible, rather than slipping slowly down. Open your tent at the last minute to waste as little time as possible or let AI do it for you and try to land as much as possible into the building.
If you do it right, you will be the first person to land, enter the building, equip the weapon, and exit others just seconds after you arrive.

You know everything about your environment
One of the most important rules for survival is knowing everything around you, all the time. Knowing where you are, and the buildings that are in the neighborhood and what the hiding places there give you the upper hand in battle, not only if you wait for Fracetk, but also if you are in a moving case.
The minimap app will always help you, but try to remember everything yourself, so do not lose precious seconds searching on the map to determine your next location.

He continues to loot
Much depends on the luck of getting the first weapon you get first, and that possibility will not be the best. That’s why it’s important to always look for better weapons and equipment.
Do not forget the equipment, especially the shield: the body armor reduces damage caused by body shots, while the hard helmet reduces the amount of damage you get from the picture. Having a good armor can make a difference in 1 on 1!
You should also look for a better backpack as the better, the more items you can store inside, including first aid boxes and grenades. But I consider it to be the most important thing to note.

Prepare the best weapons in the game
Players have different tactics when they play Survivor Royale and everyone may prefer different weapons. I personally think that any rifle is better than anything because it offers the best damage, control, and ammunition, plus decent work. So I think it’s important to switch to using weapons as soon as possible, even for close-ups.

Do not be afraid to use cars!
It’s true that cars are not fantastic because they are great and cause a lot of noise, making it very easy for an opponent to find you. But it’s also fast and sometimes everything you need to get to the next play area on time. So do not hesitate to use the vehicle, but do not do it unless it is necessary because the possibility of discovery is huge.

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