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Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK



The description of Shadow Fight 2

Contrary to what works in console games, fighting may be one type of game that is the wife of children in the App Store and Google Play. But fortunately, there are still a number of new titles every month, although sometimes there are only one or two titles. This time, we tried to play Shadow Fight 2, the sequel to Shadow Fight 1, which used to be a Facebook game.

Shadow Fight 2 tells the story of a warrior walking around looking for a strong opponent. However, as time went on, no opponent managed to defeat him again. Finally, our hero finds the shadow gate and decides to open it. When this gate is opened, Satan comes out and destroys the body of our hero. All that remains of you is only a shadow. But, this cannot stop your desire to repay these demons and return to the shadow closure gate forever.

Shadow Fight is a fighting game based on Ragdoll expressions. Because of the ragdoll game, Shadow Fight has a slower and more realistic way of playing than Street Fighter. The impression when playing Shadow Fight might feel like playing Kung Fu.

At first, you will only be given as many as two attack buttons. The first is to strike with the foot, and the second is by hand. But, you can combine these two attacks with 8 joystick directions to create a total of 16 different attacks. So, to issue an attack, you can simply hold back and attack, or head up and attack. What makes this mobile game so different is the head hit and shock system. If you successfully attack your opponent’s head, then the damage you produce will be very large (sometimes, it can almost kill instantly) and if the enemy is in shock, then he will drop the weapon that is being used. On the contrary, this will also apply to your hero.


How to MOD Shadow Fight 2

  1. Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod Link Above
  2. Ekstrak Data Using Rar For Android
  3. Go to ke Setting / Security / Checklist Unknown Source
  4. Instal Apk Until Done
  5. Copy folder assets and paste in storage/emulated
  6. Copy all fill from ZONA folder and paste in storage/emulated
  7. Enjoy The Game

The screenshots of Shadow Fight 2


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