RULES OF SURVIVAL Unlimited Money Cheat & Tips

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If compared to others, the most approaching Rules of Survival is like PBUG on pc. I love the texture of the building, the movement at the time of running and shooting and much more. But make no mistake, it is not easy to play games in this genre.
Briefly for the sequence of play this game is a number of 120 players released by plane on an island. They bring nothing alias unarmed. Well later on the island there are buildings, houses, training camp, etc. which later there is a weapon or armor that can be in use. As I said above, this game survival last man standing, there is only 1 winner. All enemies, how you can hunt them but you also have to defend not to get killed.


Top Cheat to Win RULES OF SURVIVAL :

At the time down on the island try to go straight at home or there are buildings. This is to speed up the search for weapons directly. Because guns and armor are in the building. At the beginning focus on looking for weapons and armor, if there is an enemy that will go down in the same area that we are headed, if we can avoid and find another place.

After getting the weapons and the bullets, armor, bag etc. and felt ready to war .. go to safe zone. Safe zone is marked with circles on the map, always note the map because the safe zone will always update and shrink the future that the remaining players will live there to war.

Well when you are ready armor and start going to safe zone. Here is the decisive moment. Because later you will also meet the enemy.

Notice the ear meter above. You will hear the sound and follow the foot sign which means there is running around us. Shot shot means there is a shoot and the image of the wheel means there are using the vehicle.

Use stands, squat and lie down properly. If you run in a standing position then your step will be heard by the nearest enemy. You can use a stand if there is a large area without a building. At the time of the run and you almost approached the building, try to run / walk while squatting fear there is an enemy. With a squat step you will not be heard.

If there are enemies who shoot, do not jump right away because it’s the same aja suicide. Run for shelter that can cover the direction of enemy fire. Use apples, candy, drink for a moment to charge hp if it has found the right hide.

Tips when war. At the time of looking for weapons, find also scope to be able to ngeker enemy far away. Essentially it takes part2 weapons that you use. For example silincer to muffle the sound, then handle to reduce the recoil (this is so that the weapon at the time of shot is not moving). As much as possible find part2 to upgrade your weapon to easily win the war.

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