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The PopCap does a good job of explaining the mechanism of the game in their own tutorial, but if you have just started playing the game or you are in a new type assembly card, keeping track of all the heroes, tricks and zombie game elements can be a bit overkill.
We have played Game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes since the release, and we’ve got some useful tips and tricks for building great stories, resource management, and getting more gems and other common strategies to win the battle. We will also provide more in-depth evidence for readers to use different Heroes Crops and Zombies along with our favorite Crop Zombies vs Heroes decks in those days and weeks, so be sure to check back for follow-up coverage.



Top Cheat to Win Plants vs Zombies Heroes :

Stay in your arcade
Arcade has always been at the forefront of Games vs. Plants. Zombie on mobile, Hero is no exception there. When you see the playing field, you will find your hero down, your opponents on top and five corridors between them.
In every role, you will be able to spend the sun (if you are on the side of the plant) or brain (for zombies) to play cards in that section. When the time comes for the final stages of each role, any character in a particular path will attack everything on the opposite side of the lane. Although there are exceptions, if the attack value of the plant or zombie – the first character in green – equal to or greater than the target validity in the red heart, this character will be defeated and removed from the plate. However, both sides attack, so the losing plant or zombie also escaped the last shot.
Some parts change the game in different ways. The highway is a plateau and bonuses are given to certain cards that are played there. There are other underwater footprints, and only amphibian labels are allowed.
Since Plants vs. Zombies Heroes has a variety of different paintings with unique track layouts, be sure to learn the new scheme before you start playing. You may be in an unpleasant surprise if you do not do it. Also, if you are unsure for some reason to be attacked by a character before you run it, just save it on the path you are considering and you will see a small symbol of the battle that will highlight the conflicting character or hero as your target.

Great power and where to find it
It would not be nice if all the heroes play the same way, and fortunately this does not happen at all. Heroes are distinguished by the type of cards they can use, with each hero able to use two of the five categories of cards available for plants or zombies. They also have a mix of different super powers: four in all, including unique ones.
Great power plays their role in two ways. The game will always start with a random one. You’ll get another one each time you activate Super-Block, and since you get three out of every game, you end up seeing the four superpowers in the end.
What is Super Block? Whenever a hero is broken, you will see part of three parts meter about your total health (looks like a small shield). After this meter is filled, your hero will automatically block any incoming damage and you will receive one of the remaining superpower cards.
There’s a small problem: You can play great power instantly by forwarding it on the board or saving it for later by dragging it into your hands. If you decide in the end, you have to pay for resources to run it later.

Make a good floor better
The initial floor you get for each hero is balanced. This does not mean that you can not make them better by increasing them a little – or a lot – once you get your rewards on more cards.
It is worth mentioning that cards are rare or better on this floor. How can you fix it?
By opening a premium package, here’s how. This can be for every 100 Gems, or for packages that give you bonus packs. For example, at launch, this game offers 11 packages per 1,000 Gems, 23 Packages for 2,000 Gems, and 60 Packages for 5000 Gems. Surely, this last deal is the best value, but your need to improve the floor can prevent you waiting long enough to collect many precious stones.
To edit the deck, you must click on the “Groups” icon (looks like the card icon) in the game main menu, then press the “Dek” button. Here you will find a virtual floor that you can use called Hero # 1 (for example, Solar Flare # 1). You can click the pencil icon to change the card on one of them or click the big blue button at the top to create a new group from scratch.
While the complete guide for building effective decks is a big enough topic to write, the only thing that can help you initially is to use virtual flooring as a guide for the right resource curve for each champion. If the first surface of Solar Flare is 15 cards, each with the sun, there is a reason. Loading a set of cards with the most expensive cards will destroy your chances of using the graphics you draw effectively.

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