NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE Unlimited Money Cheat & Tips


Naruto X Boruto is a game-based RPG game where you take a strategy to play it. This game is very new because the new version in November 2017, the response of the players is very enthusiastic because this game has many fans. The fans of this game are just people who love Naruto Shippuden anime film and Naruto Next Generation Naruto movie. To see this game is very good and light because it requires at least 512 RAM to run it.
This game brings like other RPG games, such as guarding the village, strengthening the village and attacking the villages of other players, the only difference in this game is Naruto’s personal avatar character. We must improve the ability of ninja with calling cards that are used as equipment on the ninja, so the ninja ninja and Ultimate Jutsu and increase the power of attack power.
Because this game is so new that you really need to guide in playing this game so you do not start the wrong move. So we will advise to play Naruto X Naruto Boroto game.




Call early in the game
After completing the tutorial, you will get a gift of 645 shinobite from an event before registration, using this shinobite to call the card, trying to make a call / gacha get a 5 (Extreme Rare) card which has Ultimate Jutsu is very useful for defeating the opponent during an attack, besides the five star card you have to get the card for healing team, currently only 2 cards have this Ninjutsu is Sakura 3 shining cards (rare) and the card belongs to Shizune 2 star. If you can not all the above cards must must you create account again or it could be called rerol.

Promotion of Village Development
Because this game depends on the ARPG so it is very important that you always upgrade Naruto Naruto Village from Boruto game, so you get a lot of conveniences and open new features such as raising the star characters, open the current picture and others.

Always assign the whole story with three stars
When you fight in a story mission, you must win the last victory for three stars because you will get exciting prizes like cards for characters, shinobite that you can use to buy characters in the store or call the cards on the call list, also call tickets: free.

Increase card level
Upgrading the level card is very important to increase the attack power of the ninja character, by having a high card level, you will be easier to destroy the opponent base or complete the task. But to upgrade the card to the maximum level requires a lot of chakra so it is not possible to update all the cards at the beginning of the game, but just soothing I have a trick how to upgrade the card at reasonable cost by increasing all the cards in the same example, 20 or 30 , your level level only needs only 5000 chakras.

Choose the exact copy rule
Maintaining our base is very important because if we lose, the enemy will get our trophies and treasures in the form of ryo and chakra so you must be very smart to choose a beautiful design for your base. My suggestion please buy basic fotress that there are shoulder creatures, like kyubi so your opponent can not penetrate your basic defenses. After you buy the basic fotress you have to edit and make sure that trap it if further preventing the opponent from the initial design.

Focus level of up to 4 characters only
When you play Naruto X game Boruto Ninja Voltage does not need to raise all the characters, as you only need 4 main characters to guide your attack to the opponent base to complete the task, but if you already have many new cards it can increase handy to keep other Fotress bases private Yourself. So the total useful character is 8 characters. For 4 main heroes you must have 1 processor whether it is Sakura or Shizuni as it is very useful when doing farm and attacking the opponent’s base. Try also a character as a leader who has a 5 star card or you have a final stance, very helpful to fight the base of the enemy who has Peugeot creatures.

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