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Marvel Future Fight is probably the latest Android game of Marvel themed type. It reminds me of Avengers: Ultimate Alliance, though how to play in UA is richer, deeper, and more fun than mobile games. The game introduces many superheroes to be taken, each with its own 3D profile and animated sequence.
The way it plays is between traditional free games that rely on energy and RPG. Mission is quite linear. You travel from point A to point B, which concerns the bad guys and finally about the president.


Top Cheat to Win MARVEL Future Fight :

Choose a hero with a “type” stronger than the main president and his followers
In Marvel: Future Fight, every hero and criminals belong to a special “type”. There are 4 types of hero: fighting, blast, speed and global. Each type is stronger or weaker than the other. The correct order of the hero types is as follows:
A. Combat (Red Fist icon) Stronger than the speed (green arrow icon)
B. Stronger Speed ​​of Blast (Blue Hand icon)
C. The explosion was stronger than the battle
D. The global type is neutral
Now how to utilize these types of heroes: Save the chart above and before clicking the “Start” button to start your battle, look to your left to find the list of bosses and followers your hero will face in the arena. You can see their type in their profile photo. Record their type.
Now go to the team and select Heroes from the opposing type. When you fight the disciples, go to the hero who is the strongest kind of his kind. Once you reach the manager’s layout, you can quickly switch to a stronger champion type. You can switch to Hero anytime by clicking on their profile photo on the right side of the screen.

Give the hero a break to get the best condition condition
Add a new hero to your team to give your current hero a rest. This will help him achieve the “best conditions” after some time. Heroes who get the best “conditions” collect additional gold points and EXP at least in 10 missions.
They also generate more EXP when using EXP chips to get it done quickly. Remember that giving your old heroes a break and adding new heroes to your team will change the team’s bonus stats. So make sure you use your current hero to replace the heroes of the same type to keep the team intact.

Try to mix the heroes to get higher team bonuses
Adding Champions to your team will give you a collective prize, increasing your attack score and team defense. However, team bonuses provide higher stats than others.
In my case, the presence of Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hawkeye led my team to strengthen my defensive and defensive attack by 1.6 percent. I combine my team a bit and replace Hawkeye with Captain America. Your team’s attack stats got a 1.5% increase.
It is clear that the first formation proved to be more useful for my team than the second. Always try and try to get this perfect combo team to achieve the highest attack and level of defense.

Which controls are best: with a single touch or control panel?
There are two types of controls: One Touch and Control Panel. If you select One-Touch, you must click on the screen to move and attack. By using the control panel, you must use your left and right thumbs to move and attack the enemy.
Choose the type of control that matches your play style. However, the on-screen control panel finds much better than one touch. I have full control over the movements of my heroes and can attack many enemies by minimizing damage. Because Marvel: FF is an easy mixing button. The control panel will be more suitable for players than a one touch system.
If you select Control Panel System, you just need to hit the attack button once and your whiz will automatically select the target. You must hit the attack button again if the enemy is killed. I just keep pressing the attack button if you are surrounded by some enemies or use the skill to eliminate them all at once.

Where to find your biometric heroes site
Biometrics can only be used to recruit new heroes but also to classify assigned heroes. Gather their biometrics and set them up to improve their overall stats. You will also gain additional skills if your hero reaches a certain rank.
You can find out where the hero’s biometrics are by going to the Home tab> Warehouse> Metrics and clicking on the profiles of the heroes with numbers above it. You’ll find two buttons in the Item Information: Sales and Location section.
Press the second button to see which elite tasks you need to complete to get biometrics. Clicking on multiple hero profiles will not show locations as available through Dimension Rifts, Chest, or Tokens.

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