Lineage2 Revolution Unlimited Money Cheat & Tips

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Lineage Revolution is a MMORPG game developed by the Korean company NetMarble which was first released for Android and iOS platforms in December 2016 in South Korea and to western countries (Europe / America) on November 15, 2017 yesterday. Well, for the Indonesian version, now Lineage Revolution has entered the preregisteration stage that you can use to get bonus items (ending March 12, 2018).



Top Cheat to Win Lineage2 Revolution :

1. Paladin: Have a fairly balanced attack and defense and have a powerful crowd control skill in party situations. (Sword and Shield)
2. Warlords: As the name suggests, Warlords have advantages in offensive terms but barely have the ability to heal. (Dual Swords)
3. Hawkeye: Has a high critical attack but general damage is not too big. (Bow)
4. Sorcerer: Very useful in dungeon because it has great damage but in PvP battle it takes tank and healer to survive. (Staff)
5. Treasure Hunter: Have a running ability that serves to pull and twirl enemies, useful for dungeons. Damage from the Treasure Hunter class was not too severe (mid). (Dagger)
6. Bishop: Healer class. Difficult to leveling but very important in PvP battle. (Staff)

1. Swordsinger: Balanced class. Useful in dungeons but less able to compete 1 vs 1. (Polearm)
2. Plains Walker: Has a Fast Attack and ASPD and debuff but low rating armor (Glass Cannon). (Dagger)
3. Temple Knight: PvP Class. Have the Skill to reduce and mitigate damage but is virtually useless for leveling and dungeons. (Sword and Shield)
4. Spellsinger: AoE and CC (Crowd Control) attacks are quite useful for PvP and dungeon, unfortunately this one class is quite difficult to leveling. (Staff)
5. Elder: Healer Class. Useful for support within PvP but hard to level. (Staff)
6. Silver Ranger: Have a fairly ranged ranged attack but does not have a good crowd control skill. (Bow)

Dark Elf:
1. Blade Dancer: A very strong class but requires more concentration in playing it. (Dual Swords)
2. Abyss Walker: It has a very painful attack but has very low health. (Dagger)
3. Shillien Knight: This class has a very high HP and Damage but does not have healing skills. (Sword and Shield)
4. Spell Howler: It has great damage and debuff ability, very useful for PvP situations. (Staff)
5. Phantom Ranger: It has a useful damage piercing for most dungeons, unfortunately HP from this class is very low. (Bow)
6. Shillien Elder: Healer Class. But it has the uniqueness of the ability to drain the enemy’s HP to heal your friends. So this class can be a healer as well as alternative DPS. (Staff)

1. Slayer: Has considerable damage and the ability to move quickly. (Polearm)
2. Guardian: Having knockdown capability is useful especially in PvP situations. (Sword and Shield)
3. War Ranger: DPS Class. It has painful damage but HP is very low. (Bow)
4. Scavenger: Has a very fast moving speed. Useful to get objective. (Dagger)
5. Sage: Healer Class. It has buffing and healing capabilities that are useful for dunegon and PvP. (Staff)
6. Battle Mage: Has a very large damage but with the consequence of slow speed of movement. Delicious made PvE but hard for PvP. (Staff)

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