Legend of Brave MOD APK, unlimited money (351 Mb)




Legend of Brave MOD APK, unlimited money (351 Mb)

Legend of Brave is a new comic mobile game for iPhone and Android devices. This game is about Rocalaak Rocalaak, who plays his role at the age of 36-year-old developer who keeps his fortunes steadily progressing in video games, starring himself as a hero and many of the people who meet with them villains and impersonal characters. Read some tips and tricks for Dandy Dungeon – the brave legend of Yamada! To get bigger prizes, you have to draw a line that leads you in every box across the stage. If you do, you will get a chest containing gold, spells, tools, and other items. Once you start drawing the line, the timer starts 15 seconds in the countdown and when it runs out, it will start causing damage. Before you start drawing lines, you can follow your finger around the box in the panel without touching anything on the screen. Once you know the path you want to go to, start tracing the line.


Legend of Brave MOD APK Gameplay Screenshots :

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