Last Battleground : Survival Unlimited Money Cheat & Tips

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When you first start the game you be just about to jump from and airplane and parachute down to the map below. The whole point of the game along with the main objective is to be the last man standing. You’ll need to explore the deserted island to find different supplies ranging from weapons to first aid.
When jumping out of the plane make sure you don’t release you chute too early or you will have a long glide down. When you get tot he ground your gonna want to look around for a weapon to you for when you run into somebody.

After landing your gonna want to find gear and a safe zone. When your in the safe zones you’ll have protection from the traps and explosions that will happen after playing a awhile. When you in the safe zone other players will run the risk of loosing. After time the safe zones will shrink down so there isn’t much left and that’s when things get interesting.

Top Cheat to Win Last Battleground : Survival :

Attacking – You best opportunity for attacking another player is when they have just dropped in and are looking for a weapon. If your lucky you might even see their parachute and get them when they land.

Weapons – Remember where you pick up good weapons so the next time you parachute in you can land in the same location. If you have a good aim it’s best to go for a ranged weapon so you can get them before they can even lay a hand on you.

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