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The weather (Android, iOS) was the old favorite among Android users for its clean and dazzling interface, and for its rich weather data. Now, create the application from the transition to iOS. 1Weather provides quick summaries of current weather conditions and forecasts, plus forecasts for every hour, 10 days and 12 weeks. In addition to predictions, 1Weather provides detailed radar maps with customizable data layers, widgets, notifications and extreme weather alerts where available.

AccuWeather is your top daily forecast, weather tracker and radar widget. Get live reports, GPS maps and daily updates on current temperature, sun, wind speed and other weather news.

Track the rain, see the current temperature and receive live storm alerts with a GPS tracker and accurate rain radar. Get daily updates and learn about global or local weather today.

TOP 3 FEATURES : AccuWeather Weather Tracker
1. Track the rain, wind and temperature: get accurate forecasts after the next two hours with the MinuteCast weather tracker and rain radar.
2. GPS Tracker The radar component in the GPS sends you live wind speed, maximum temperature, precipitation alerts and extreme rainfall, wherever you are.
3. The current temperature sometimes feels colder than expected, even in the sun! The Temperature Temperature tool tells you how the weather is out today.

Your forecast, rain radar and GPS tracker can be customized the way you want. Get all the weather information you need with AccuWeather:
• Daily updates at a glance: get the latest weather news, radar maps and customizable weather reports from the home screen.
• Storm alerts and extreme weather reports: view real-time GPS maps and track the speed of rain and wind live with a radar widget.
• Monitor the weather today and tomorrow, and for the next two weeks with a summary of global and local forecasts. Sunny plans this weekend!
• Meteorological equipment local and global meteorological news.
• Be part of the forecast with Accucast: share your weather content with the community and help keep other users safe from dangerous conditions.
• Enjoy full Android Wear ™ compatibility: get MinuteCast, hotel temperature, details of current conditions and adverse weather notifications directly on your smartphone or tablet.

What’s new of AccuWeather
• Performance improvements.
• Air quality (China and South Korea only): control the current air quality in your area.
• Contour thermal contour layer: the new map layer helps you see warm / cold and warm areas
• Payment notification group: the notification notification will now be grouped in the notification drawer to make the notification drawer less confusing.


Android App AccuWeather Screenshots :

How to use AccuWeather Weather Widget, Radar Maps, Alerts Android App 1

How to use AccuWeather Weather Widget, Radar Maps, Alerts Android App 1

How to use AccuWeather Weather Widget, Radar Maps, Alerts Android App 1

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