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One of the most exciting things in playing MOBA games is its high level of competition. This is why many MOBA games are classified as eSports. Similarly in the game Heroes Evolved. Like MOBA game design in general, Heroes Evolved also shows the competitive level of his game by presenting ranked match (multilevel game).



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Practicing One Hero
Although it sounds very simple, practicing using hero is the easiest step you can do if you want to do a push rank in Heroes Evolved. Exercise using hero in a regular match will make you understand more than not your skill-hero skills, but also the hero skills used by your friends and co-stars.
When practicing on a regular match, do not get stuck on winning games, but try to focus on the skill-skills of the hero and try to formulate a suitable item. You can also see the GCube item build recommendations every hero here.
At first, choose one hero to master. You can choose a hero that catches your attention to be more enthusiastic in playing it. Although one hero may be enough, but you should learn one hero for each role.
Can use each role will make pushing rank easier because then you can easily balance the choice of hero in your team (especially in low rank where many players less pay attention to team balance). You can see the best hero recommendations for beginners here.
Use the hero you have set again and again in the regular match until you really master it. If you feel it’s easy enough to win on the match using the hero, it indicates you’re good at it. After successfully mastering one hero, you can practice using heroes with different roles. But if you have not mastered any hero and confused in determining, read the next tips.

Get to know the Popular Heroes At This Time
Heroes Evolved provides the most popular hero statistics used by players. This data can be very useful to boost your rank. You can view this data through Leaderboards> Popular in the Evolved Heroes app. Alternatively, you can also see the top 10 most popular heroes here.
After knowing the data hero-hero most popular, then the next step is to examine whether the hero is popular correctly or wrongly. The true popular hero is a hard-to-match hero. While the popular hero is wrong is a hero that is actually easy to counter, but popular for other reasons (such as easy to play).
We can see an example in the list of most popular heroes now. If formulated, the most popular hero today is E-stein and other top positions mostly occupied hero marksman (hitter ranged like Solus, Minerva, Freya, etc.).
Briefly, E-stein belongs to the correct popular hero because it tends to be hard to beat, especially if using the right build. Although not impossible, heroes that can be counter to E-stein is not widely known because E-stein is a new hero.
On the other hand, other popular heroes, especially Solus and Minerva, belong to the wrong hero class. This is because most players choose them on the basis of easy play (although sometimes there are also adept at using them). But basically hero-hero marksman can easily be countered with high-mobility nuker heroes (like Mikio and Estrath).
So if you still have to train what heroes to improve your rank, try to understand E-stein and Mikio (or Estrath) and then see how easy it is to defeat Solus or Minerva. When you are good at using a hero, continue on to the next tips.

Use Mastered Hero on Match of the Area
When you have mastered a hero, do not hesitate to use it repeatedly while playing ranked. Although it could be a debate between team members early in the game because the team is less balanced, you do not have to care too much. Using the hero you master will raise your chances of winning in match matches rather than a balanced team but wearing unfamiliar heroes.
On the other hand, you must also be rational and should not ignore the balance of the whole team. If for example your team has 5 hero marksman or 5 hero mage and no one is seen to be succumbing, you should be heartened and succumb to victory.

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