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Free Fire app – Battlegrounds is a game that simulates the user as a survivor of the other opponents in this app. So later the user will be dropped from the plane to a large island and on the island there are many buildings there. and inside the building there are various weapons that users can use in this game. Like a helmet and a gun. and here the user must be ingenious in determining where the user’s position will fall at the beginning of the game. and users are also fighting 30 different people who make up this game.


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Tips and Tricks Free Fire Applications – Battlegrounds
The tip is to play on to upgrade game in this application because in this game can be played continuously. The trick is that initially the user must be precise in choosing from the user’s fall position when the user falls from the plane at the time of the game and the authors suggest the user should fall in the building gedeung not too big because surely there are many people who fall too. If users feel other users fall in small buildings jugga users can take advantage of it by landing at school for example because there are so many items that can be in use. and if the user feels good he might fall in a big deung and quickly pick up from a usable item and instantly kill an existing opponent. and most importantly do not lust to target one person because there users will fight 30 different people. and remember to always look at occasional maps to see what’s happening around the user.

Choice of Landed Places
The landing is an important factor in order for you to have the opportunity to loot or better equipment and support you in battle and survival. Find some Healing kit so you can anticipate your death in blood loss.

Take the Vehicle
If you can find a vehicle, first prioritize this. when you have a vehicle, you can save the time you need to get to one of your destinations. In addition you can still kill the opponent you meet by bumping into it by car. Hmm, a profit is not it?

Always Spry
Never be careless! Always look around you because your enemy can come and follow you from any direction. You also have to find a suitable place or can make you in a more favorable position when dealing or sheltering from your opponent’s attack.

Keep moving
Tips and tricks Free Fire Battleground the last, do not ever stay in one place because when you managed to kill 1 enemy, then you can certainly be detected by your other opponent. Or when you’re dealing with your opponent, find a sanctuary and make a move that makes your opponent panic to reduce his concentration.

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