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After bringing up the previous update, “Summon Eidolon Collection” last October, Efun as publisher and authorized licensor of SQUARE ENIX Final Fantasy Awakening Indonesia will again bring up the latest version in November.
On Eidolon’s last October update, True Ifrit and True Shiva were present at the “Summon Eidolon Collection.” These two Eidolons have shown tremendous power! The surprise will not stop for the latest version this month, because the famous Eidolon from Final Fantasy XV will be ready to join. Get ready for Eidolon terrible battles!
There is another cool one, the 2 Heroes that are the spotlight, the Concordia l’Cie, who is the Queen of the Concordia kingdom, Andoria; and Lorican l’Cie, who is the King of the Lorican kingdom, Gilgamesh; will also join the cast and bring amazingly awesome skill!
“System Stock” will also be opened, and this will invite Agito to have a stronger goal in this game.



New Eidolon, Titan, Present and Ready to Destroy
Titan is the real messenger of Earth. He has unlimited power from Ancient Eidolons. Titan itself is the God of Life. It is said that he had existed since the beginning of the birth of the World, during chaos, along with other gods who would expel the darkness of the world, and welcome the Order.

Two Hero Spotlight, Andoria and Gilgamesh!
This latest version will bring the 2 strongest red heroes, Andoria and Gilgamesh. These two classic l’Cie will appear in FINAL FANTASY Awakening with very strong and different skills. This will re-open the excitement to hunt Hero!

Concordia l’Cie, Andoria: Unleash the Most Comprehensive Power
Andoria as the Queen of the Concordia kingdom, as well as being a l’Cie upon the crystal of Concordia, usually seated in the seat of the throne of the Concordia kingdom. Despite having power, but he is very fair. In this game, Hero Takesir Andoria is Earth Guardian, whose special skill is primarily the power of magical control and physical strength. And, with the “Strength of Concordia,” he will be able to turn into a dragon. Andoria including Hero all around and comprehensive.
The Queen of Concordia, Andoria, can release seeds of plants that propagate around the enemy that will cause dizziness and damage.

Lorican l’cie, Gilgamesh: The Most Horrible Shield Ever Had
Continuing from Andoria, the upcoming version will also be present is Gilgamesh, who must be one of the most awaited heroes of all players! Gilgamesh is a tall and majestic army with a huge giant sword, from the Lorican kingdom, which is also l’Cie over the Lorican crystals. He was born to be the strongest survivor, and very skilled in skill and spell failure. With the skill of “Evil Spirit Raid,” he can summon countless demons from the abyss and will inflict continuous damage to the opponent. The existence of this powerful skill will make Gilgamesh the most horrible character of Hero’s shield in this game!
L’Cie over the Lorican crystal, Gilgamesh, who holds a giant sword is the most horrible shield Hero character in the game!

Gilgamesh is very skilled in skill and spell failure, dominating and invincible.
System Stock Gameplay will also debut on this latest version. Agents through funds that can be exchanged for stocks, will accumulate a number of assets to receive the appropriate Achievement Prize. Whether or not it is in the investor area and being the “Ruler of Stock” must see the ability of all players!

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