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Era of Arcania is possibly one of the best-looking and more entertaining 3D mobile MMORPGs that we have had the honor of reviewing this year. However, due to the huge number of features and content packed into the game, there are times when you are completely at lost as to what to do.


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We have received many requests about how to get married in the Arcania Era and we want to help! Here is a useful guide (hopefully) about how to get married in ancient times.

However, before you begin the entire proposal and the wedding process, you will have to first complete a love quest [Romantic Romantic] Free of Love where you will be asked to bring your spouse to Allah Love, Aphrodite, in the land of freedom.

To start, you certainly need to find a partner who is willing to the opposite sex. Marriage is not allowed among the same race in this game, unfortunately. Once you have friends, both male and female characters must accept the assignment.

Now to complete the search, the man should click the female character, click on his personal name, and select the Carry option. Then the woman will have the option of accepting or rejecting the offer, but of course, to complete this effort, the woman must accept it. The man had to take the woman to Aphrodite and hand over the job.

Note that the masculine personality can only complete the search on behalf of both letters, but both men and women can undo the effects of Carry whenever they want. After you do this, you can start caring for your partner in Carry and make him your partner in the Arcania Era.

First, first, the groom should buy an engagement ring for the bride through a promotional menu using rubies. Sapphire can be obtained by exchanging heart nodes in the same list.

Now that you have a circle, the “Suggest” option will appear for the groom. By clicking on it, she can begin a process of suggestion acceptable to the bride (or rejected, it is entirely dependent on the bride). Once you have completed the proposal, it’s time to get ready for an amazing marriage!

Now, in the Arcania era, there are two different types of wedding ceremonies. You can choose between getting a fancy or romantic wedding (but not both). You should also get all the appropriate clothes for the event. Clothes can be purchased, including wedding dresses, using perfume vouchers. Clothing vouchers can be purchased through Bound Diamonds if you do not have enough. Once everything is ready, you can then send your first wedding invitation – the first free – to your friends and friends to ask them to attend.

Unlike traditional wedding ceremonies, in this game, the ceremony consists of a procession that begins in the land of freedom. The show will only start after the couple vows to tie them together in the game.

Of course, during the show, a king and queen will have a luxury wedding vehicle while other players can choose to walk or ride on their own. Wherever transportation goes, random affection boxes will be generated to loot the audience. These boxes usually have some very generous gifts, so make sure you react quickly when you see them.

Oh, and a quick note – you will not be able to divorce your spouse after marriage. Unfortunately, you will not be able to start a family with someone else important in this game.

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