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We’ll jump in a different class. Try to help the reader with the right hero and select the correct class. Because there is no other way to change it. Schools are achieved on previous experiences, you can start again from scratch to move that lead to huge losses from everything collected in class.
Therefore, the daughter of the seer of the first class, magical magic power to understand a mysterious girl and her point of attack AOE, but also the ability to overcome broad opponents of this weakness is the defense and surveillance system, security and surveillance system read on to read.

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The advantages and disadvantages of each class.
The most interesting thing is we know that games are based on the right RPG system, so we have nothing to do with it.
Previously we mentioned a little protection and control, not a bad idea to choose sailors for the purpose of such a battle. You should always stay away from your competitors and immediately release them. too late.

The power of the Shogun.
Moving into the Shogun, ignoring every battle, murder, and death. Since this hero is ready to make someone a hero in his fighting sword fight, we are willing to pay for the purpose of PVP, but PVP, but we recommend choosing this category. This area is fine, but AOE is very bad and not recommended for hunting.

Smart Ones only.
The third class is useless, aggressive and flexible, and the dead are very powerful girls who can kill their enemies because of their attacks. He’ll see you from the neck and kill him.
You may need to use less care and protection to become a hero, so you can easily convey that to someone, so we will have one of the most difficult characters in the game, including a hero not just choosing this class. You know how to play in vain.

Frontline Fighter is a great fighter.
Finally, with two legs with a sword, a balanced soldier, and always in front of the battlefield.
Now we can say that the right class for those who want AOE and Control are looking for a high security option, and a high level, if you are a pioneer, we take you to perform a certain high quality skill level, our samurai Dragon race, cheating and suggestions, and we ask you to end your game campaign at any time.

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