Cheat War Song Android and iOS Latest Apk

Cheat War Song Android and iOS Latest Apk

War Song Mod Apk

The stage will begin with the leaders you have when you enter the code.

Note: As you pass or return to the scenario using the Selection Phase icon, keep in mind that no matter what your experience is, you get back to where it was when you started the previous script.
When you fight and fight for the first time or a hundred, there are some things you should know before you make the wrong move. The first thing you should know is to avoid a large number of planes in one area. If there are four enemy planes and only your plane is out and find a way to sneak past enemy planes. And secondly, if you get a fire, blast and push the exit from the fire area as soon as possible. I would recommend flying as high as possible and maybe flying to the back of the enemy and they will never see you coming. Third, follow as many teammates as possible. The more players you meet, the less chance you will be photographed. While this can cause a lot of confusion for both parties, you can easily make it happen where you and your entire team are separated. Try to stick to your team and use the in-game commands to your advantage as much as possible.

Use automatic targets

There was a lot of time when I lost my goal, and I had to move only 180 degrees to find my goal. This does not even depend on removing the fire area to shoot enemy jets. Anyway, I forgot that there is an automatic button that you can use. I found myself facing the ground at the bottom because the target was too far before pressing the button. I would recommend using this feature if you really feel safe and you are high enough on the ground to rotate the car and set up enemies. Do not rely on the way an enemy plane crashed because there were plenty of other times when another plane was able to dodge my shots and infiltrate behind me and blow my plane out of the sky.
Confidentiality of private chapters
I’m not sure how the secret is, but it’s not mentioned in the manual. When a Magic Knight of a woman reaches level 10, she can turn into a guard. The only problem is that the guards do not have any soldiers. However, this is not a real problem because it is very powerful.

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