Cheat RULES OF SURVIVAL Android and iOS 2018

Cheat RULES OF SURVIVAL Android and iOS 2018


Find the best weapon
It does not matter how many strategies you know and you can not find yourself without a hidden weapon.

Without the best weapons in the game, there is no doubt that the rifle has scope and assault rifles. Personally I prefer the first because it gives you a bit more freedom, while in the end describes the ability to play other transfer games. With the strike game area, it does not have a good selection in most cases.

You may not be able to find weapons quickly, but always look for weapons. What should take you and use it well (additional results such as spoons and cylinders are most helpful), but you will always have the added advantage of seeing this ideal sprinkler. AK-47 and M16 are very good, for example – but I’ll use any weapon, and I’ll find that map on something else!

Close the door behind you
This is one of the most important things you should do to hide your presence in the building: close the door behind you.

This is a strategy that works better than ever in the game, when players can not be doubted to find the door, because they think nobody visits the building, but it’s useless all the time. . The door closes the players in a difficult situation: they have to open and make noise. That way, you probably know they’re going in. What’s more, if you do not have standing directly in front of the door, you can start shooting and take your murder.

If the door is open, you will be more careful if you enter the appropriate area (or completely ignored). They can only give you very good grades, giving you some real problems. So always remember to close the door behind you and on the other hand, be careful when you close the door.

Find a good home and use it well
The fact is that the opportunity to narrow the game arena offers the best solution for these troubled camps, but that does not mean that this is an open field because it is roaming around you and no one has a choice.

Bush is very strong for coverage, especially if you’re in anxiety or anxiety state, but there are other areas that can help you get good protection and put a difficult space in front of incoming enemies. Can search

You need to use whatever you want, and more: behind the window behind closed doors or high cages or high positions behind trees … You must always find a good place and something to do. The enemy comes to you and takes them from miracles. Better than the other side!

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