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Cheat PUBG MOBILE Android and iOS 2018

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Choose a place to land very carefully 
The PUBG game can last for half an hour, or if any error occurs, it can end in a few seconds. One sure way to get out early is to misjudge the initial landing point.

As a general rule, you want to target the best stolen places in Erland’s map (desert map, Miramar, will be launched in upcoming updates) while avoiding as many other players as possible. There are some areas that regularly produce the best weapons and armor such as military bases, power plants, or big cities, but keep in mind that there are other experienced players going there.

When you jump from a cargo plane, watch the herd of other players heading to a location and avoid areas like Plague.

Similarly, do not float aimlessly as soon as you fall freely – set a fairly safe area, preferably with a building so you can pick up some booty and push it to speed up the journey there. The building will appear as a white block on the mini map, so be sure to move in the right direction.

If you can not see them, you can always open your canopy early and slide into a decent landing area. Know that every second you spend in the sky is your opponent who will be used to steal the treasure.

First loot, shoot later
Let me reiterate this last time – if you die in PUBG, you are dead. In solo play, there is no second chance, and your team will put chances of winning at risk if you keep up early.

Once you touch the floor, your first priority is to prepare so that you will not be cut off in any early dispute. You will find important spoils scattered throughout the building and provide cage drops. The latter contains the most searched weapons such as the powerful AWM sniper rifle but remember that you will not be the only one who would like to grab the booty.

Be sure to share the spoils in the stock below if you are in the lineup.

The most important looting operations in the early stages are respectable mid-arms, ammunition, some decent armor, and improved backpacks (up to level 3) so that you have better equipment space when exploration begins. No gun is better than your fist or even the legendary PUBG pan, so grab any nearby firearms before engaging the enemy.

The armor is very important so you can take more strikes in the shootout. Like backpacks, vertical and body armor is classified from level 1 to 3, but the level 3 shield is very rare. Designed to level 2 armor before taking note, or level 1 at least.

Health items are also a priority. Prefer first-aid kits, but bandages, painkillers, and the like will help in an emergency. Items that are thrown up like grenades will become more important later as an offensive or annoying tool when the number of players is reduced, but do not be afraid to throw explosive surprises if you find a caretaker group early on.

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