Cheat PES 2018 Android and iOS Latest Apk

Cheat PES 2018 Android and iOS Latest Apk

PES 2018 Mod Apk

Due to contextual actions in PES 2018, some “tricks” will show up naturally. For example, you might be an enemy on the wing and hit a pass, and your player is an asthma sufferer. It may seem ridiculous, but it’s really unbelievable.

However, fraud is valuable if used correctly. If you use every ounce of stamina to run the player quickly before returning, just to do the trick that finally let the other team back and survive, it does not make sense. Kill the inside, by all means, but do not suddenly stop your run and promise in the other direction because you’ve done a silly trick that you do not need. Learn the tricks, use them to defeat the player, but remember the game will end up at the cost of your potentially game. Time, space, people.
Play on normal difficulty or higher
Unless you are desperate in a soccer game, I will ignore the difficulty setting at least as you learn a little bit about how to play PES properly there, which is not a challenge. Higher professional difficulties offer more bites, more A.I. Tactical differences, more enjoying in general. Playing something less with the purpose of playing online is not wise. At the same time, do not force yourself to rise if you still feel uncomfortable with the least amount of difficulty, so the normal difficulty may be your home for a while.
Pass and run

One of the best features of the attack on PES 2018 is Pass and Run, as you pass when you hold L1 / LB, the player you just passed makes the race forward, allowing two to move the defense. This is a good way to ensure that some players can also attack, especially if they are combined.
Shooting quality must be maintained

If you play training games on PES, you are taught that by holding R2 / RT and shooting you can sacrifice power for accuracy, and although this sounds good and good, if you do not do it right, it produces a weak shot that is easily stored, it deserves to get regular pieces as you approach the destination much of the time. It is also important to ensure that there is enough energy in this shot, so it does not lead to very slow attempts.

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