Cheat Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Android and iOS 2018

Cheat Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Android and iOS 2018

Download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk

How to obtain additional power
The biggest problem with Harry Potter: The secret of Hogwarts is running out of energy. It is very frustrating when you are in the middle of a lesson. There are already many sites around Hogwarts that will give you extra power points several times each day.

The best way to duel
The fencing has two main sections. First, similar to rock scissors, Stans tour to see who comes first. Then, choose a wave or action during your turn.

To win the Stans tour, you have to anticipate what you think the opponent will choose (cunning, defensive or aggressive) and choose the position you have defeated.

Although you can sometimes predict the establishment of the character (the aggressive “Merula” is chosen a lot while Ben chooses “very defensive”), this is not clear. Sometimes, for example, Merula will choose Sneaky or Defensive. The tour of the situation is based largely on opportunities.

Note: If you connect through the position stage, a tolerance point will be given to a less endurance person at that time.

During the action tour, you will be able to choose one of the two options.

If you choose Aggressive, you can make an offensive attack or throw a bottle.
If you choose Sneaky, you can disarm or dispose of the bottle.
If you choose Defensive, you can drink healing cures, cast defensive spells, or throw bottles.
You can see which actions have more effects by reading the descriptions below. Some actions reduce the opponent’s ability to withstand a small or moderate amount, for example.

The best way to spend energy in a lesson

You may have noticed, during the lesson, that you are getting several options to spend your energy. You may be able to listen to the teacher, take a break, or write a note. Each option requires a different amount of energy. Some are low energy actions, while others are pig energy.

When starting a lesson, use a higher cost. Try to keep one or more low-cost procedures on the wings so you can use them when you approach the center of the lesson. They do not move to the next part of the counter.

For example, when you start a lesson, choose an action that costs four or five stars. Do the second or third thing. Then, when the scale is very close to the first star in a multi-star lesson, choose an action that only takes one or two stars. In this way, your energy will not be in vain.

However, the more energy you spend, the more experience and gold points your personality gets. If you are in a lesson for 3 or 8 hours, you need to fill in your energy anyway, so you can use it for your benefit by choosing the highest energy cost procedures throughout the lesson to improve your experience. Points and gallons faster.

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