Cheat Granny Android and iOS Latest Apk

Cheat Granny Android and iOS Latest Apk

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Granny is a horror game to stay alive for iOS and Android where your goal is to escape from grandma’s house in five days. You hear grandma bringing grandmother everything, and she will kill you after five days. Here you can find out what to do in the game and how to win it. Read the guide on how to overcome Grandma! The controls are simple but not obvious at first. Scroll around the screen to navigate, and use the default joystick on the right side of the screen to move. To interact with the object, move on to the object, and if the white knob appears, click it on the move with the object. To grab something, go up to the object and if you see a small hand, you can pick up the object by clicking on the hand. Click someone silhouette to switch between stand and tie.
The way you escape is through the front door, but you need to do a number of things first. An optional step that makes the game easier to overcome is to find the key of the weapon, then move into the secret corridor in the second bedroom upstairs and open the box of weapons inside. Pull the tranquilizer and take and shoot Grandma to make him sleep for a while every time you see him. Now if you want to play the game the hard way, skip it all. You need to look for things in the basin, the washroom and everything that has a very small door so it can not be hidden (cupboard, microwave, etc.). The object is randomized every time you start the game. You will need a hammer, lock, alarm code, and lock lock to open the front door. The hammer breaks the block blocking the bottom of the door, and the lock lock opens the blade over the door, and the main lock unlocks the handle. The alarm icon unlocks the door.

Recently, we reported new updates for Granny Game. New updates bring extreme situations and many new things. Granny’s Yard, Playhouse, Birds, and more. Let’s begin the theory of placing novelty novelty novelty novelty.

In extreme mode, Grandma moves faster than operator. There’s a teddy bear [you do not need to find it because it’s useless]. When Teddy slept, Slendrina appeared. – This is a mystery.

Let’s talk about the page.

Go to the dining room
Look at the window, in the window, you will see the print manually. Tap the window and move to the page.

Once you enter the arena, you will see the theater. You need to play home to open it and in the theater, there is a part of the machine, you need two bowed wheels [red and green] to open it. Required because there is a key.



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