Cheat Dream League Soccer 2018 Android and iOS 2018

Cheat Dream League Soccer 2018 Android and iOS 2018

Download Dream League Soccer 2018 Mod Apk

Mix your attack
You also need to know when you press the A button and the B button multiplies by using the A button produces a path and a wild shot that can lead to loss of possession or ball out of bounds, while using the B button too much, or running it in a very safe way, Defenders often cause the ball to be stolen from the right side under your feet. Do not ignore the C key as well for the helpers. Double-tap or quickly swipe to the left (personally prefer the first one) lets you do certain movements, such as a luxury sleigh, and it can help you get rid of your back. You can also scroll to the right when the ball is in the air after pressing the A button, the next offensive players to make special moves that increase your chances to hold the ball in your hands.

Do not forget to watch your video ads after each game
1000 must have gone well enough to buy one player much better, if not compatible with your captain, than other team members. But beyond that, it may be difficult to get gold in the game. Winning the game will give you little, and if you lose the game, you may get only one gold piece, like the “participation cup”. But regardless of whether you win in the end or lose, Dream League Soccer 2018 will ask if you want to watch an ad video for an extra 30 gold at the end of the game. That’s not the case, especially if you’re thinking of buying new players on the transfer market, but that may increase as you continue to play more and keep your team better.

Which new players should you prioritize in the transfer market?
Unlike other football games with the management mechanic, Dream League Soccer 2018 lets you buy players directly from the transfer market. There is no subscription period that you compete with humans or an AI manager, there are no special rules when it comes to buying new players simply go through the list of eligible conversions, filter them based on position or rank if you want, buy players, then You will be automatically added to your seat and qualify for the next game. It’s simple, though we must add that if you want to add some of the best players in the game, you may want to buy gold packs in the stores inside the game using your real money.

During the early stages of the game, it is good to focus on players aged 68 or 72 or more, or who cost 500-600 coins or less. Avoid the player whose ranking is very similar to you, it makes no sense, after all, to replace the central midfielder with 64 ratings with others who have 65 or 66, or worse value, is less. As for the position, it depends on the position of the captain you selected earlier in the game.
In general, you want to support your weaknesses, and there is no specific baseline for fixing your weaknesses. But we personally chose to give priority to defending by adding better goalkeepers, or, when more money is available, buy new defenders. Do not want extreme tension when your opponent is in your box, strengthening your first and second defensive line is a good way to go while playing the transfer market.

You can also pay gold to boost your players
It may take some time until you see some noticeable improvement, but you may also spend gold to improve player stats. Just click on Team Manager, click a player, and then click the Players Development tab on the lower-right side of the screen. You will then have to choose six different areas for improvement, with each area focusing on certain statistics, for example, advanced techniques to improve scores of crossings, ball control, serving players, while the development of defense increases the strength, detract, and orientation of them.
Typically, it costs at least 20 goldfish to fix or develop one of six areas, although you may need to pay more if the statistics are upgraded on the high side.





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