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Find out your opponent’s battlefield

It is sort of brainless, but in the first minute of battle, try to write cards on the battlefield to your opponent, especially if there is a pattern that appears.

For example, if you watch them using an attack on Fireball and Arrow early, you should pay attention to the dangers of collecting a large group of close range troops (Army Framework, Goblins etc), especially if you do not see any of those cards played temporarily. The sound strategy is to sit on this squadron card until the opponent plays a long-term card with major damage in the area. The time is right, and your troops will fall at the ideal moment when your opponent is less ready to defend it.

The same goes for defense. If you have the perfect card to fight a giant, prince, or other great destructive force, you’ll want to stop using it until the time is right.

It is important to know that it is important to use these counter-values ​​cards in a timely manner. No feeling is worse than dropping the Skeleton Army to hurry down the right track and then the opponent dropping the giant on the left. Or to subvert an arrow, then you will not be able to defend the sudden rise of your enemy’s weakness.

You should carefully consider the units you choose for the deck of the eight elements, and take advantage of coins – hypothetical or otherwise.

The Witch is one of my favorites. They can attack the dragon while the skeleton is scattered or invading other ground units.

The Goblin hut is also very nice. Especially useful when your opponent is also one, you can balance at least one aspect of your area. When these people are put on hold for a while, it’s bad.

The dragon boy is super. Their damage can damage the spear card goblins with one hit.

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