Cheat Clash of Clans Android and iOS 2018

Cheat Clash of Clans Android and iOS 2018

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Learn when using tilt and maintenance

Sometimes, there are places where nothing can hit you. When you start a cluster meeting, you get a slope for three days. Nothing can beat you through this stage. You must use a clutch shield from the building to build your building because it does not last forever.

After this attack, which takes 40% or more of your base, or your town hall, you will receive a 12-hour shield. If the bottom is destroyed, you get a free pass that lasts up to 16 hours.

If you attack another player or use an alternative revenge, to attack the person who destroyed your base, the ramp will be lifted automatically. You can still run a single player campaign or clan war without losing the inclination.

You can also use James to buy the coldest among the gems, but you can not always be protected forever.

Keep your customer standing

Start with a small number of gems offering shielding, speed building or military training and other strengthening capabilities. Do not spend customer traffic in the early days. You will need later and you need to spend real money for them and you will be able to get the game in the game.

Free Gems Conflict Saddam

When playing, you can create a free clan gem by completing a successful cleaning or by controlling obstacles. Play Claus WikiCia clust in Cluster’s Clems can make players from 3,715 3,200 trophies to 3,715.

When clearing the barrier, you can also get free freedom from the gemstones shown. This experiment has six ceilings. Sometimes you will not get the gems. If you find a gemstone barrier, you can open 25 free gems.

Do not make your city hall very quickly

Once you are able to afford them, you will be disappointed to improve your customer item item, but you do not want to do so. The level of your city hall is high, you are at least damaged, and you will get less when attacking other players if there is a low-level municipal hall. When your city is at the hall level, you can steal it, which may steal you into the first five levels.

When you start, you should upgrade your building to the maximum before upgrading Clash of Off Clan Hall. After doing so, upgrade the city hall if possible. Keep in mind that there is no penalty to upgrade Level 5, so once you reach this level, you must decide that the time limit increases in six city halls.


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