Battle Warship Naval Empire Unlimited Money Cheat & Tips

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Enter the world after apocalyptic swallowed by the sea and full of pirate activity. Instruct warships and iconic planes to destroy enemies in naval warfare! Why do not you join the Alliance for true MMO glory and ultimate naval battle – Bermuda. The world needs leaders!
We are in a new era of war games, where your strategy is as important as your fleet base and fleet power. Duni Battel Warships challenges you to become the best naval commander. You must have a good eye on the battlefield to dominate the action and bring the command in your navy.


Top Cheat to Win Battle Warship Naval Empire :

Pirate terminator is an easy way to make 200 plus gold pieces three times a day but you have to do it smart. Let’s say you get 12k oil and elec attacking a certain level pirate, but you use half of it repairing ships, then your net income is 6k oil and elec. If you attack a lower level pirate and get 10k oil and elec and lose no ships, your net income is 10k oil and elec. Play smart.

Also, stamina is important. Let’s say you attack pirate level 5 and get 5.5k of oil and elec. Each sortie (a fleet sailing to attack a pirate) costs 5 stamina points. In other words, 11k total resources (5.5k oil plus 5.5k of elec) divided by 5 stamina is a yield of 2.2 k resources per stamina point. You only have 200 stamina points or about 40 sorties. Attacking a pirate level 11 yields 17.6k oil and 17.6k elec, or 35.2k or resources. This means you are getting 7k or resources per stamina point (35.2k / 5 stamina).

So don’t waste your stamina on little pirates, try to maximize your stamina effectiveness by hitting the highest level pirate you can hit with the least amount of ship losses.

In my opinion, the best course is to attack pirates with carriers only (that is, no ships). If you only use carriers, you don’t have to pay any repair cost. But you need to figure out what is the best pirate level to attack. I have a carrier that can attack pirates level 17 non-stop, but if I hit level 18, I can only do one attack before the hit points on the carrier are exhausted. I have another carrier which can hit about 6-8 level 19 pirates before it is exhausted in hit points. It still cannot attack a level 20.

Some people add a few ships in the defense slots, like 2 in each position (guarantees 6 times 2 equals 12 losses). That strategy only stops two air attacks. The first air attack takes out one line, and the second air attack takes out the second line. In my mind, it doesn’t seem to be very effective. Also, I will always have some ships to repair, so that affects the net income.

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